The Rainbow

October 29, 2016

Ever go looking for the end of the rainbow for that illusive pot of gold?


It would be great to find some treasure, right?


Seeing a perfect rainbow today reminded me that the rainbow does actually point to a treasure more precious than a pot of gold.


God gave a man called Noah a sign, the rainbow, after the worldwide flood.


The world had been in a terrible state, with horrific things happening. When we look around the world today and watch things on the news, we can see horrific things happening today.


We may wonder, where is God in all this? Does He not care?


The rainbow God gave to Noah was a sign of His promise. Never again would He flood the entire earth.


Just as God saved Noah and his family from a destructive world, God offers us hope in a destructive world also, through His Son, Jesus Christ.


The illusive pot of gold may not exist, but the rainbow does point us to the true treasure, Jesus Christ. If you are in need of hope today, we would love to introduce you to Him.




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