March 25, 2017

Victory Villages Church





It’s so lovely to start having lighter evenings isn’t it?  Seeing more sun, seeing trees that had been dormant beginning to bud and blossom with the signs of new life…!


Spring is full of promise of good things to come, flowers peeking through the ground showing those tentative signs of new life.


Spring is a special time for Christians as we celebrate the festival on which the Christian faith stands or falls.


Spring is when we celebrate Easter, the amazing death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ.


Without Easter there would be no reconciliation of humankind to their creator.


Without the death of a perfect human being who was without sin, there would be no-one to stand in our place.


Without the resurrection of that perfect human being, death would be the victor, and there could be no hope.


Are you living in fear, afraid of death, without hope?  


Despite the sun shining outside, despite the promise Spring brings of better things to come, there is only One who can truly keep His promise to set us free from the burden of sin and death, and to grant us restoration and resurrection.


His name is Jesus.  He loves you.  He cares for you.  And He will show you if you let Him.



If you would like us to introduce you to Him, get in touch:


Services are held weekly at 10.30am at The Institute - all are welcome!



Thank you to all who came to the ordination/induction service, it was lovely to meet and chat with you!    Pastor Anne-Marie Fewell


For more details please call 01362 668707

visit our website at www.victoryvillages.net 

   or follow us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/victoryvillages


Victory Villages Church is affiliated to the Eastern Baptist Association





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