April 27, 2017

Victory Villages Church



This month, as I write, there has been the terror attack in London, St. Petersburg, and Stockholm.  Then the chemical attack in Syria… not to mention many other atrocities in other countries around the world.  These are all too frequent to many of our minds, often provoking either a fight or flight response.


There are those who adopt the fight approach and demonstrate the old British ‘stiff upper lip’ and ‘we will carry on’… then there are those who choose flight, whose fear overtakes them and they become afraid to go places ‘just in case’.


Fear is a part of all our lives at one time or another.  It may not be from a terrorist attack, but maybe closer to home.  Fear of redundancy.  Fear of loneliness.  Fear of terminal illness.  Fear of death.  To name just a few.  What are you afraid of? 


Fear is crippling, stifling.  The apostle John wrote in 1 John 4:18: ‘There is no fear in love, but    perfect loves casts out fear…’


This perfect love is only found in one place, in the person of Christ Jesus who came, died, and rose again to set us free.  Through Christ even death loses its sting.


If you are struggling with fear, He is the one who can set you free,


If you would like us to introduce you to Him, get in touch:


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Pastor Anne-Marie Fewell


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