Love and Unity - Elmham News July contribution

June 23, 2017




It was lovely to share with St. Mary’s last month in the joint ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ event.  It reminds us that despite the fact that Christians the world over have different ways of living out their faith, some ‘traditional’, some ‘contemporary’, and a whole spectrum around that, we are all united through our faith in Christ Jesus, our Lord and Saviour.


If we were all the same it would deny us the extravagant richness and diversity of God’s people, and we can learn so much from those who ‘do things differently’.


Even within denominations and traditions there is a wide spectrum of how faith is lived out, yet we all are united in our desire to see people come to know that One who unites us.  To know the One who who can bring joy in even the bleakest circumstances, the One who can bring peace in the midst of the storm we may be going through.  The One who offers love to all, even those who consider themselves unlovable.  The One who gives value to those who feel unvaluable.


At the terrorist attacks in Manchester, and then London, we saw the work of those who had no respect for life.  Following these attacks saw people of all faiths and none cry out to someone higher than themselves, crying out for people to #prayformanchester then #prayforlondon.   People united despite their differences to bring hope and love through practical help and emotional support to those affected.  And The One Love concert in Manchester saw Ariana Grande declare that what the world needs now is ‘love and unity’.


Where was God in the aftermath of those attacks?  He was there, working through His people to bring comfort to those in mourning, relief to those in need, strength to the weak, hope to the hopeless.


As Justin Bieber declared at the One Love concert ‘God is good in the midst of the evil.  God is good in the midst of the darkness.  He loves you.’




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Pastor Anne-Marie Fewell




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